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Free Buttons helps you create 3D rollover web menus and buttons with ease.You just change
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19 November 2004

Editor's review is a powerful, state-of-the-art web authoring tool that helps you create web menu buttons.
It helps you create 3D rollover web menus and web buttons on the web pages that you have created with ease and simplicity. You can change the graphic parameters of existing buttons to fit your requirements. The parameters that can be adjusted are the 3D shapes, lighting, texture, material, shadow, deformation effects and so on. Once you customize the look of the buttons, the program performs the rest of the functions automatically. These button and menu options can be set to normal selection options, mouseovers, rollovers, and mouse click functionalities. You can create images of professional quality as well as add a javascript to add these buttons to your html page.
Working with templates makes the work even better and can be customized to meet your needs.

Publisher's description

Free Buttons helps you create 3D rollover web menus and buttons with ease. It's very simple to work with the program. You just change the graphic parameters of buttons such as 3D shape, lighting, texture, material, shadow, deformation. All other actions perform automatically by the program. Free Buttons creates proffessional quility images, generates a javascript that interacts with normal, mouseover, and click mouse events for rollover effect, and inserts the menu into your html page in a position you want buttons to appear. Ability to work with templates allows you to make your menus even faster. The program is free!
Version 1.10
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